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Angioletti, aka "Little Angels" of Fried Pizza Dough

A popular street food in Naples.

I’m super excited to share these Angioletti (literally “little angels” in Italian) - a popular street food in Naples made from leftover pizza dough and served as aperitivo while you wait for the actual pizza to come!

You can eat them plain or dipped in sauce - but I like to mix them in a salad. This one is full of Mediterranean flavour from arugula, cherry tomatoes, radishes and sumac. But the ingredient that really made all the other flavours shine was vinegar, so I recommend you choose a good quality, mild vinegar.

I've created also a sweet version with powdered sugar and (vegan) nutella - honestly, if I had a gun to my head and was forced to choose between savoury and sweet, I wouldn’t be able to.

For the Dough


150g 00 flour (also sold as pasta flour or cake flour) + 100g 0 flour (or Manitoba flour) - if you can’t get your hands on these you can replace both with 250g of all purpose flour

150g water

1g dried yeast

5g salt

15g olive oil

Enough sunflower or canola oil to deep fry


Mix flours, water, yeast and olive oil in a bowl and add salt halfway through. Knead for a good 10 minutes until smooth. Leave to proof for 2 hours or until doubled in volume.

With your hands, flatten to a 20x30cm rectangle and cut into strips and each strip into 3. Heat frying oil to 170°C and fry the dough in small batches. Drain on kitchen paper and then mix to the salad ingredients.

For the Salad


Angioletti, as many as you like!


Cherry tomatoes

Red onion


Olive oil

A good quality, mild vinegar like @womersleyfoods



For the Sweet Version


Angioletti, as many as you like!

Icing sugar


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