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Capuliato (Sun-dried Tomato Mince)

The capuliato or capuliatu, is a traditional vegan condiment of Sicilian cuisine based on dried tomatoes, linked, in particular to the territory of the Vittoria Plain, in the free municipal consortium of Ragusa (my hometown). The term "capuliato" means literally minced, and it refers to the process of mincing sun-dried tomatoes to resemble minced meat.

The capuliato is often preserved in jars with olive oil and a mix of herbs and spices. Each family has its own recipe for this.

Warning: This condiment causes severe and irreversible addiction!!!

It's perfect on bread, bruschetta or on pasta.

Here's my version.

Rough recipe:

I used sun-dried cherry tomatoes, but you can use regular tomatoes as well.

If you have a meat mincer, you can use that. Otherwise roughly chop the tomatoes with a knife.

Transfer to a large bowl and add: fennel seeds, dried red chillies, a pinch of salt, and chopped fresh thyme and marjoram. Mix well and stir in some extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Adjust according to your taste.

You can optionally also add raw garlic and capers. You can use mint or basil in place of thyme and marjoram, though I really like the flavour of thyme in this.

Be generous with the amount of fennel seeds. They are a game changer.

Transfer to sterilised jars and top with more olive oil. Make sure the tomatoes are completely covered in oil or they'll mould easily.

Word of the Day

Semi di Finocchio

(Fennel Seeds, pronounced sé·mi di fi·nó·kki)

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